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Local Annual Membership

$3 per month

($36 total per year) 

Individual Non Local Annual Membership

$5 per month average

($60 total per year)

90 Day Membership

$8 per month

($24 total)

7 Day Membership

$2.15 per day

($15 total)

**Add any family member 16 years old and over living in the same residence to any Annual Membership

$2 per month.

($24 per year)

Call 24 Hours 251-979-0158 For Updated Live Bait Status

​The 24 Hour Live Bait Kiosk is a semi-private bait facility. We allow our members round the clock access while members of the general public are limited to certain days and times. Live Bait Kiosk members are granted 24 hour access via our secure app and are able to purchase bait both day and night including holidays and weekends. The general public is welcomed to use the facility on occasions when the gate is unlocked and open.


The 24 Hour Live Bait Kiosk is exclusively self service making waiting in line at the bait shop a thing of the past. In order to best utilize the facility for live baits such as live Shrimp, live Bull Minnows, or live Croakers you first want to determine the quantity of live bait items you are purchasing. Live shrimp are sold in increments of 15, live Bull Minnows are sold by the dozen, and live Croakers are sold by the half dozen. There are signs near each of our tanks that indicate the quantities and costs of all items. Once you have determined the quantity of bait you are going to purchase you place your live bait bucket next to the tank you are going to obtain bait from and use one of our water pitchers to dip your water. We recommend one pitcher of water to start and then one pitcher for every dozen live bait you are purchasing.


Once you have dipped your water take one of our nets attached to the tank you are using and dip and count your live bait selection. The best way to ensure an accurate count and keep the bait healthy is to dip small quantities of  live bait per scoop. The amount of bait selected is monitored by numerous high resolution cameras to ensure accuracy. Other live baits such as Fiddler Crabs are already counted and portioned and are sold in easy to use clear plastic containers. Frozen Baits such as Cigar Minnows, Squid, Shrimp, and Mullet are sold prepackaged.

Once you have completed your live bait selection it is time to proceed to the payment screen to pay. Simply use the screen to select the line that represents the item or items you have selected and then pay with cash or a credit or debit card. All of our bait prices already include all necessary sales taxes and come out to even increments of five dollars to make paying with cash quick and easy.


In order to apply for a membership please read our terms and conditions then completely fill out our Membership Application. Once your application has been received we will begin the process of approval which can take up to 24 hours.